Why DomainContext?


1.We are ICANN accredited registrar


There are thousands of resellers and only about 150 accredited registrars providing domain name registration services.Accorrding to ICANN requirements commercial liability of DomainContext is insured by 1 mln USD. 

2.Own technolgy platform

The key elements of internet business are technology and security. We have our own development team and do not use outsource for developing applications which are critical to reliablity and security.

Management panel we have developed allows to customize it as much as it is needed for our customers such as adding new TLDs, payment options, promo campaigns.


DomainContext is relatively small company. We do believe in technologies and tend to automatize as many operations as possible starting from adding funds enrolling to domain management. We want to be treated as people ready to help you and not just as company staff.

Probably, you will never need to contact our customer care team, or developers or even marketing manager. However, you should know there is a whole team of those who are to assist you much more effectively than large corporations.

4.Affordable pricing

Domain names can be registered in some minutes (or seconds if you have already signed in), but first think of domain registration as timely service. You buy a domain name and expect the management panel to work and customer support help you during this period of time.
Of course, there are cheaper offers on the market. Compare our prices and keep in mind reliability, support, functionality, and management panel convinience.

5.Innovation and comfort

We are keen on creating really innovative and suitable services, and most of them are free.
  For example:

  • gift certificates, a number and code that can be used to pay for domain registration. Excellent gift for your friends and loved ones
  • sms-notifications will remind you about delegation period end for the domain names you have
  • free name servers for you to manage the whole list of special records
  • simplified domain setup for Gmail, Blogger, and Live Journal