How to get an SSL certificate

To issue an SSL certificate you should log into panel and follow the link "Issue an SSL certificate". Before enrollment you should specify a common domain name, choose a certificate type and period of validity (1 or 2 years).

Important! Please check your common name during the enrollment process to ensure it is correct. A Common name is a domain name listed with or without a host (i.e. either just mydomain.com or www.mydomain.com or secure.mydomain.com). If a host name is required, ensure it is in the CSR. After your certificate has been issued, changing the common name would require a reissue, which will mean generating a new Private Key and CSR pair off the web server and then going through the online process again

After you've placed your order you should pay for it from the funds on your account. After payment is received, the domain for which an SSL certificate is issued will appear in the list under "My SSL-certificates" menu. Now you may start an enrollment procedure.

Check the list of domains under "My SSL-certificates" menu. If there's a domain name with paid for but not yet issued SLL certificate, it will show "Issue needed" status. On pressing the link under status message you will be redirected to the page where you are required to fill a form and specify personal and corporate information. This information will be verified by thawte Certification Authority. Also you will need to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for your domain. CSR is a digital key which contains encrypted information about domain owner and company. 

The form should be filled in English. All information entered in the form should exactly match the information specified during CSR generation! In case of data masmatch the information cannot be verified and the certificate cannot be issued.

Please note that if you use a WHOIS domain contact as an Authorizing contact please ensure this email is visible online, which means WhoisProtect should be turned off for the domain.

Enrollment confirmation and certificate issue

After successful verification an email is sent to the contact email of the certificate's owner. The email contains a link to thawte.com or geotrust.com page. You should follow this link, check and approve all the information once again (press "I approve" button). After that the certificate is issued and mailed to you.