Why need an SSL certificate

SSL is a digital certificate for your website confirming that data exchange between the site and your browser is made through secured channel.

If you are running online shop or accepting electronic payments from customers, SSL certificate will guarantee that transferred data will be safely protected and will not be intercepted.

Company website secured by SSL-certificate delivers more confidence to customers and you run the business more safely and legally. This brings higher level of competitive advantage in online commerce.

Setting up SSL-certificate for your site you make the data transferred between web site and customer-side applications encrypted and protected by digital signature. This guarantees security and protection.

Certificates of digital signature keys are issued by special organizations called Certification Authorities, CA.

We offer digital certificates issued by Thawte (subsidiary company of VeriSign, Inc.) and GeoTrust, the world leaders among certification authorities and whose brands is globally recognized.

You can choose among four different type of certificates, to protect data on a single site as well as to secure unlimited subdomains of your web server.