General questions

How can I set up a special reseller pricing?

To get the domains for special reseller pricing (http://www.domaincontext.com/reseller/pricing/, second column), you should add at least $199 to your account. This funds may be spent entirely for domain registering.

However, adding the sum of $199 to your balance is not obligatory. You may add less funds to your balance and higher pricing will be effective for you (http://ru.domaincontext.com/reseller/pricing/, first column).

LogicBoxes vs. DomainContext - how to decide?

Please be aware that these solutions are for various purposes. Puproses implied mean both markets and products. There are brief notes on each panel for you:

DomainContext - this is a solution for resellers from markets demanding .ru, .su domains, exotic ccTLDs or willing to offer large portfolio of TLDs. The panel has great many features for successful domain registration and Digital certificates business.

LogicBoxes - if you have international customer base and need to deliver complete solutions, this is an alternative with many new features and additional products like hosting and website builder solutions plus to domain registration and digital certificates.

How to register with DomainContext panel?

To register a reseller account please proceed to the following link.

Right after registering an account you should complete the following steps to start working as a reseller. All alerts about non-confirmed of not filled settings are shown in the panel header. On clicking on each alert you will be directed to the corresponding settings page:

1. Confirm you email address. For that purpose you should use the URL which is emailed to you after registration completion. Until the email address is not confirmed, no notifications will be sent to it.

2. Fill in main settings or a reseller's account:

  • check is accounting currency is chosen correctly;
  • specify name and reply-to address which are used in email notifications to your clients;
  • specify a name of your company and site address which will are used in emails to your clients;
  • specify subdomain name for resellers panel which will be used by your clients. This is a subdomain of unitedplatform.com domain, which is common for all resellers. Also you may set up your panel to work on your own domain (see below).

Please note that these settings are obligatory and are required to start working as a reseller!

3. Fill in personal details: name and surname or company name, postal address, phone and fax numbers. This data is checked for validity after filling in by our manager and may be used for contacting you.

Also you have to set up payment systems you want to use. Instructions for payment systems setup is found in appropriate sections of Knowledgebase.

After filling all necessary fields and email confirmation you are ready to start working as a reseller!

If you want to change the look of reseller's panel interface, we may change all graphical elements like logotype, icons, buttons, as well as favicon.ico file. You just have to send us a desired set of your graphics.

Also we may set up your reseller's panel to work on your own domain which costs $30/year. This price includes an SSL-certificate for your domain.

Which registrars do you use for domains registering?

We use the following registrars:

  • gTLD domains — DomainContext;
  • ru - REGGI-REG-RIPN, su domains — RU-CENTER;
  • other domain zones — DirectI, Key-Systems.

Working scheme remains completely translucent for the reseller and its cleints since we offer an integrated panel for all types of domains.


How the resellers technical support is provided?

We are using a ticket system which is available at https://support.domaincontext.com. It allows to assign tickets to the responsible manager and to monitor every ticket status.

We do not offer support over phone or instant messengers since this may drastically increase the support department load and lower its effectiveness. This in turn may affect our service prices.

Reseller tools

Automatic issuing of certificates along with domain purchase

For promo campaigns a gift certificate can be issued automatically along with domain purchase in a particular domain zone. For example, on .ru domain registration a client may obtain a certificate for another .ru domain (or any other domain zone of your choice). This can be set up in 'Certificates' / 'Automated issue' menu.

Please remember that gift certificates are free only for the clients. Reseller pays for every domain registration and renewal according to its own tariffs or a current promo pricing.

Gift certificates

Reseller panel implements gift certificates for domain registering and renewal.

Gift certificate is valid for a particular reseller and is suitable for paying for domian registration or renewal in a particular domain zone within certificate's validity period. Any other services (like domain transfer, etc) cannot be paid for using gift certificates. Each certificate may be used only once.

Gift certificates management:

  1. You may generate a group or a few groups of certificates. Each group contains any number of certficates valid for the same domain zone and having the same validity period.

  2. Distribute the certificates among your clients. Each client may obtain one or more certificates. There are two effective tariffs: 
        econom: current promo pricing and individual pricing effective till promo end, validity period up to 6 months;
        premium: individual pricing, validity period up to 1 year.

  3. Client chooses a certificate group and may send any certificate from the group to any email address. Each certificate may be mailed only to one email address (but may be resent to the particular address any number of times).

  4. Clients may prder domain registration but they pat for the order using gift certificates. To use a certificate client should specify its code in an input field while processing the order. When a certificate is used a client obtains a bonus equal to domain registration/renewal cost. Bonus amount is based on current active promos and individual pricing.

User and reseller panels allow an access to certificate usage statistics which can be filtered by groups and certificates status as well as exported to Excel format.

Each group or a single certificate may be blocked from reseller panel. Blocked certificate is not valid for any operations.

When a domain is registered using a gift certificate, partneship commission fee is not accrued for this domain.

Panel setup

How can I run my panel on my own domain name?

We are very serious about our users security so we offer only https protocol for the panel. Unlike other registrars, you cannot link your own domain using just a CNAME record.

For using own domain name for a panel you will need an SSL-certificate and an ssigned ip-address. This is why we charge annual cost for using own domain name for the panel. You may use you own purchased SSL sertificate, in this case domain name mapping would cost $30 per year. For an additional $30 per year we offer an SSL certificate for you.

In case you'd like to purchase an SSL certificate from us, please email us contact details for it (fill in in latin):

  • Name for a panel domain, for example: panel.resellersite.com.
  • Organisation ful name (or an individual's name).
  • Country of origin.
  • Postal code.
  • Region name
  • City name
  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • Fax number

Administrative contacts:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Position
  • Phone number
  • Email

Panel appearance and design

Basic settings of the panel appearance may be done at "System settings" / "Panel design" menu.

If you want to change the appearance of the resellers panel, we may change for any of the graphic elements (pictures, icons, favicon.ico file). All you have to do is just email us the desired set of graphics for your panel.

Timezone used in the panel

All timestamps shown in the panel are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

EST = GMT-4, EST = MSK-8 (summer time), MSK-8 (winter time)

<p>DNS-servers available to users</p>

Reseller has three options for providing DNS-servers to users:

У реселлера есть три варианта предоставления dns-серверов клиентам:

  1. ns1.unitedplatform.com, ns2.unitedplatform.com are default DNS servers. Zone management and forwarding setup are available to the user.
  2. Branded DNS-servers. These are the servers which use reseler's own domain name but are running on DomainContext technical capacities. Zone management and forwarding setup are also available to the user in this case.
  3. Own DNS-servers which are running on reseller's domain and its technical capacities. Zone management and forwarding setup from the panel are not available to the user in this case.

Branded DNS servers setup

Reseller may offer its clients free DNS servers which are running on reseller's own domain name.

Let's assume you are going to use ns1.resellersite.com and ns2.resellersite.com DNS servers, and the domain resellersite.com is registered through our panel.

For branded DNS setup you should perform the following actions (in the exact order!):

1. Switch domian name to out DNS servers ("My domains" / choose a domain / "DNS servers" / check the box "Use registrar's DNS servers" — ns1.unitedplatform.com, ns2.unitedplatform.com).

2. Go to "Zone management" menu and create two A records for the domain:

    ns1 IN A
    ns2 IN A

Also set up other zone records (@, www, MX) so that the domain points to your server and mail exchanger for the domain works properly.

3. Create two records in "Child DNS servers" section:

     ns1 -
     ns2 -

4. Names of branded DNS servers are specified at the "System settings" / "Other settings" menu. There you should specify chosen DNS servers: ns1.resellersite.com, ns2.resellersite.com. Also you should specify an administrative email which shows in the domain zone in SOA field. Mind that a dot (.) instead of ampersand (@) should be used when specifying an email address.

5. Switch domain name resellersite.com to its child DNS servers ("My domains" / choose a domain / "DNS servers" / check the box "Use registrar's DNS servers" — ns1.resellersite.com, ns2.resellersite.com).

6. After DNS servers renewal your users may choose branded DNS servers for their domains, so that ns1.resellersite.com and ns2.resellersite.com would be offered automatically if "Use registrar's DNS servers" box is checked.

If your domain is registered through another registrar or is supported on other DNS servers, just add two A-records into the domain zone:

     ns1 IN A
     ns2 IN A

After adding A records follow to step 4 above.

SMS-notifications for reseller account

You can receive SMS on various events connected to reseller's account:

  • Activation code sending
  • Phone number confirmation
  • Phone number deletion
  • Low balance
  • Account password recovery

SMS-notifications are set up in System settings >> SMS-notifications menu. The cost of 1 SMS message for a reseller is $0.05.

How to show my own default page for my customers' delegated domains?

This is possible if you are providing your own branded DNS servers for your customers.

In this case you can show your own default page when browsing to a delegated domain. By default a blank page saying only 'Domain is registered' is shown on delegated domians. You may to specify up to 4 external ip-addresses to which delegated domain is forwarded, so you may show any kind of promo or help page on the domains of your customers by default.

IP redirection is set up in System settings >> DNS servers menu. If you specify more that one ip-address, they are called over in a round-robin manner. You must manually set up the web page which is shown at the external ip-address you specify.

Payment systems setup

Webmoney Merchant setup

Let's assume you are using resellername.domaincontext.com subdomain (it's set up in "System settings" / "Other settings" section).

In order to use Webmoney Merchant you have to obtain a personal Webmoney certificate.

For setup, go to "System settings" / "Payment systems" / Webmoney Merchant.

There you should specify you Webmoney wallets numbers and secret keys. Secret key should be a random string containing letters and digits.

Proceed to settings on the merchant.webmoney.ru site. The field "Торговое имя" sould contain the name of your brand, Secret Key field should contain your secret key specified in the panel.

Replace 'resellername' with the name of your subdomain if needed. Fill other fields as described:

Field Value
Result URL https://resellername.unitedplatform.com/gateway/webmoney/wm-result/
Success URL https://resellername.unitedplatform.com/gateway/success/
Fail URL https://resellername.unitedplatform.com/gateway/fail/
Позволять использовать URL, передаваемые в форме Нет
Высылать оповещение об ошибке платежа на кипер Да
Метод формирования контрольной подписи MD5
Высылать Secret Key на Result URL, если Result URL обеспечивает секретность Да
Передавать параметры в предварительном запросе Да
Метод вызова Success URL LINK
Метод вызова Fail URL LINK

Prochange system setup

Using Procahnge service you may accept Yandex.Money paymant from your users. The payment is converted into Webmoney (WMZ or WMR, upon your choice) and is instantly transferred to the Webmoney wallet you specified. Prochange collects 8% commission fee from the total payment amount, exchange is held at the internal exchange rate of Prochange.

In order to use Webmoney Merchant you have to obtain a personal Webmoney certificate.

To start working with Procahnge you must register first: http://www.prochange.ru/pro/registration.php.

Then proceed to account setup at the following link: https://www.prochange.ru/merchant_edit.php.

Replace 'resellername' with the name of your subdomain if needed. Fill other fields as described:

 Field  Value
Вебмани кошелек Ваш WMR или WMZ кошелёк
Result URL
Success URL
Fail URL
Секретный ключ A random string containing letters and digits

After initial setup you should request verification using "Запросить верификацию" button in Prochange.

Then proceed to Yandex.Money merchant setup with parameters as described at https://www.prochange.ru/merchant_about.php. Pay attention to these parameters:

<input type=hidden name=PRO_CLIENT value='XXXXX'>
<input type=hidden name=PRO_RA value='XXXXX'> 

These parameters should be specified in corresponding fields (PRO_CLIENT и PRO_RA) while etting up Yandex.Money merchant in the panel.

You also should specify Yandex.Money in "System settings" / "Payment systems" section in the panel. The payment currency must match the currency of chosen Webmoney wallet. 

PayPal payments setup.

For accepting payments via PayPal you should have a verified PayPal account of 'Business' type.

To set up PayPal payments proceed to PayPal / "Profile" / "Account Information" / "API Access". Choose "Option 2" - "Request API credentials to create your own API username and password". You will be given credentials for API access

  • API Username
  • API Password
  • Signature

Specify these credentials "System settings" / "Payment systems" / "Paypal" section in the panel.

You client may pay for the orders via PayPal without need for adding funds to his account balance. If the order is not executed, the refund will be created in the panel which requires you to manually process it via PayPal and change its status to 'Completed' in the panel.

Manual Webmoney payment processing

If you don't have a personal Webmoney certificate you may accept Webmoney payments manually. In this case you specify the number of your Webmoney wallet in a clients' panel. After clients' payments you have to process funds deposit manually. You have to specify numbers of your Webmoney wallets in "Webmoney (manual payment)" section.

Promo site

How can I embed a registration form on my site?

You may use the following html code for the registration form (change RESELLER-SUBDOMAIN to the name of your domain):

<h2>Panel sign in</h2>
<form name="login" action="https://RESELLER-SUBDOMAIN.unitedplatform.com/login/" method="post">
    <input name="login" type="text"><br>
    <input name="password" type="password"><br>
    <input type="submit" value="Enter">
           <a href="https://RESELLER-SUBDOMAIN.unitedplatform.com/register/">Registration</a>
            <a href="https://RESELLER-SUBDOMAIN.unitedplatform.com/lostpassword/">Forgot your password?</a>


Also you can place a form for registaring a new client on your site (change RESELLER-SUBDOMAIN to the name of your domain):

<h2>Sign up</h2>
<form name="register" action="https://RESELLER-SUBDOMAIN.unitedplatform.com/register/" method="post">
    <input name="login" type="text"><br>
    <input name="password" type="password"><br>
    Retype password:<br>
    <input name="password_confirm" type="password"><br>
    <input type="submit" value="Continue with registration">


You also may place forms for domain availability check, current prices and promos list and list of available payment systems using php-scripts available at http://resources.domaincontext.com/resellers/reseller-site-kit.zip.

Specify name of your subdomain in DnContext.ini in panel_url parameter.

The example of the forms usage is available in index.php file containing in the archive.