About 50 TLDs

Yes, it is true. One more significant detail is we do NOT consider domains like co.uk/me.uk/org.uk  as different domain zones. Therefore, zones like ru.com, us.com, and eu.com are a single TLD for us as well.

We made  all TLD availability check possible. Thus your customers will also avail exotic domain names too, as many of them have already been purchased in our system. 

As you can see below, domain name {} is available in most of TLDs. And if a search were made for a popular word like {}, there probably will be no available option. You may have noticed that availability report is usually generated within 15 seconds. 

We are specialized at domain names, and this is our advantage. We are aware of so many details  and nuances for various TLDs. For example, expiry dates, Whois output details, reserved names, etc. We made this all available for you to launch a successful reselling business.