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06/30/2009 .us and .in promos are prolonged

Our promo pricing for .us and .in domains is prolonged. Now you can buy .us domains only for $4.99 till July 29th, and .in domains only for $5.49 till September 28th. Don't miss your chance to get valued domains for bargain prices today!

06/03/2009 Special pricing for .us and .tv domains

Till June 28th 23:59 EST we offer special prices for .us and .tv domains:

  • .us — $4.99
  • .tv — $20.95

Register .us and .tv domians right now for the lowest possible prices!

06/01/2009 SuperBook: .tel application for iPhone

Telnic is releasing a number of .tel applications that allow you to search for .tel domains and easily manage your own .tel. "SuperBook" allows you to quickly and easily navigate .tel data and add .tel domains to your address book.

Key features of SuperBook application:

  • View and navigate all publicly available .tel information quickly and with minimal data connectivity.
  • Touch-to-communicate for all supported contact types.
  • View locations of your friends with an embedded map.

The application is free! You may download it using:

05/25/2009 New domain zones available

New domain zones have been added to DomainContext panel. Now you can register domains in 27 zones, among which are popular .in, .tel, .travel, .fm, .tv zones and many others. List if all available zones can be found on this page.

05/20/2009 Simplified dotTravel registration has recently launched new procedure where UIN applications will be processed automatically. This will minimize your efforts to get your UIN as now applications are approved immediately.

Just visit this link and have your UIN authorized for dotTravel!


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