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03/15/2017 .BIZ and .FM prices rise

On March 16, 2017, .BIZ and .FM domain registration, renewal, and transfer prices will be changed.

02/08/2017 Changes in .TEL registry policies

.TEL (Telnic) registry operator has informed users of lifting of usage restrictions from all .TEL domains. From March 13 .TEL domains can be used for creating and publishing websites of any kind.

The Telhosting platform will be updated. There will be new features such as more advanced user options for page design, PayPal integration, voucher and offers, PDF publishing, and image library. This is what a .TEL domain website will look like.

Subdomain support, Telfriends groups and .TEL domain search function will not be available.

On February 13, 2017, .TEL registry operator will issue users with account details to the new Telhosting platform. The new account will not have current data in it and Telnic will not be transferring it to the new platform. The user will have to save and load current domain data manually before March 12, 2017. On March 13, 2017, all domain settings on the current platform will be permanently deleted.

Access to the new Telhosting platform and customer support will be handled by Telnic directly without the registrars.

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08/05/2016 New TLDs in DomainContext

From August 3, 2016, we start registering and maintaining New gTLDs: over 350 theme-based domain zones providing plenty of beautiful and eye-catching domain names that are unavailable in traditional TLDs. Choose a suitable domain zone for your website, project, or company.


Due to the launch of domain name registration, the following documents will be modified accordingly:

06/20/2016 .MOSCOW/.MOCKBA domains in DomainContext

From June 20, 2016, DomainContext will start registering and maintaining .MOSCOW/.МОСКВА domain names. The . МОСКВА domain names are perfect for websites dedicated to Russia’s capital and targeting Russian-speaking audience, while .MOSCOW domains will suit various online projects about Moscow catering to city residents and visitors.      

Due to the launch of domain name registration, the following documents have been modified accordingly:

Domain Registrant Agreement

Reseller Agreement

11/25/2015 .PRO Domains Become Easier to Register

.PRO domain name registration procedure becomes much simpler. The TLD registry no longer requires the following information:

  •     the registrant's profession;
  •     authority name;
  •     authority URL;
  •     number of diploma/certificate showing the registrant's profession;
  •     license from government certification body if license is required to provide services;
  •     profession-specific contact details.

Regular checks of professional information are also lifted.

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