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07/07/2009 Promo from The DotAsia: register .asia and get FREE 2G USB Memory Stick

The DotAsia Organisation starts a promotional giveaway program «.Asia FreeB USB Promo Program» for anyone who registers .asia domain! We invite our resellers and their clients to participate in this promo and get a guaranteed prize.

Participating in this program for the reseller will raise clients interest in .asia domain zone and boost you own domain sales.

Free 2GB USB Memory Stick is sent to the registrants for every newly registered .Asia domain with minimum 2 years registration. USB memory stick will be sent from DotAsia to registrants worldwide.

Program lasts July 6 - October 6, 2009.

Find out more details at the following page: http://www.domaincontext.com/domains/zone-asia/.

You may also download an archive, which contains banners, promo graphcs and text about this program. You are free to use this materials on your sites for promoting The DotAsia program. Creating a page with the description of the program on your promo site will not only encourage development of the growing .asia domain, but also will increase your own domain sales and raise interest in .asia domain among your clients.

07/01/2009 .us and .in promos are prolonged

Our special reseller pricing for .us and .in domains is prolonged. We offer .us domains only for $4.99 till July 29th, and .in domains only for $4.49 till September 28th. Don't miss a chance to offer your customers valued domains for special prices today!

07/01/2009 gTLD domains transfer only for $6.99

Now we offer gTLD domains transfer (.biz, .com, .info, .name, .net, .org) from other registrars for special reseller price of $6.99.

06/03/2009 Special reseller pricing for .us and .tv domains

Till June 28th 23:59 EST we offer special reseller prices for .us and .tv domains:

  • .us — $4.49
  • .tv — $19.99

Start working as a reseller right now with the lowest possible prices!

05/08/2009 Minimum payment amount for started working as a reseller is lowered

Since May 1st, 2009, a minimum payment amount to start working as a reseller has been lowered. From that moment, you should top up your balance only for $50 in order to participate in reseller's program. 

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