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12/16/2009 Changes in registration policies for .cn domain

CNNIC has announced a change to its registration policies. With immediate effect, registrants of .CN domain names are required to submit additional paper based information. The complete application material has to include 3 parts:

  • the original application form of CNNIC stamped with business seal of the registrant
  • company business license (photocopy)
  • registrant ID (photocopy)

As a consequence, private registrations of .CN domain are no longer possible. The new regulations are executed since 9:00 am (Beijing Time), December 14, 2009 for all new registrations.

In order to execute the new changes we have completely stopped registrations in the .CN domain both for our customers and resellers. Renewals of already registered .CN domains are not affected.

12/14/2009 New functions in reseller's panel

We added two new functions into reseller's panel which were requested from us by our partners.

First, we've implemented SMS-notifications for resellers, previously available only to end-users. Now you can receive SMS on various events connected to reseller's account:

  • Activation code sending
  • Phone number confirmation
  • Phone number deletion
  • Low balance
  • Account password recovery

SMS-notifications are set up in System settings >> SMS-notifications menu. The cost of 1 SMS message for a reseller is $0.05.

Another new function is a domian redirecting to an external ip-address when branded DNS servers are used. If you are providing your own branded DNS servers for your customers, you are likely wishing to show your own page when browsing to a delegated domain. By default a blank page saying only 'Domain is registered' is shown on delegated domians. Now you are able to specify up to 4 external ip-addresses to which delegated domain is forwarded, so you may show any kind of promo or help page on the domains of your customers by default.

IP redirection is set up in System settings >> DNS servers menu.

We hope that these new functions will make your work with us more fun and efficient. Please send us any ideas for improving our services or adding new functions and we will try to implement them and make our services even better.

12/02/2009 .in domains only for $2.49

We are happy to announce the unbeatable new reseller pricing for .in domains. Till September 29th 2010 .in domains are available for our resellers only for $2.49.

08/05/2009 Become a Preferred Partner!

Brand new offer for Domaincontext partners! Purchase SSL certificate for your web panel and and be eligible for 2 months promo pricing* for gTLD at 6.99 USD only!

  • It is vitally important to us whether personal details of a customer or financial transactions are secured well enough. That is why being at subdomain.unitedplatform.com any of or partners enjoy strong SSL encryption for their web panels.
  • Most of our resellers prefer to promote their own brand. Moreover, customers tend to type in a unique URL like panel.yourdomain.com instead of subdomain.unitedplatform.com. We have made it easy - within a day your panel will be available at a brand new branded URL!

As soon as everything is ready with certificate and your domain, you will be offered special pricing effective for 2 months. Contact support team for more info.

* The promo is available for resellers that have initial deposit of at least 199 USD. Only 30 USD will be deducted for SSL certificate and manual server setup. The rest of the amount is fully usable by a reseller.

07/31/2009 Leave feedback for DomainContext services

Now DomainContext resellers may leave feedback about the existing services and ideas for improving and creating new services. If you have any idea you'd like to share with us, please use 'Feedback' red button to the left of every page on the site.

In order to use the feedback service you don't have to log in. You may leave your feedback anonymously or just sign with your real name. Optionally you may log in using your credentials from one of the following services:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • OpenID
  • MySpaceID
  • Windows Live ID
  • Hyves
  • Blogger
  • AOL
  • Verisign
  • WordPress

You may not only leave your feedback but also vote for existing ideas submitted by other users. All ideas will be considered by us and we will develop the most requested features which receive enough votes from other users and resellers.

We hope this feedback system will help us to develop the best services and features requested by our users.

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