Domain Deletion Policy

Domain names are registered for fixed periods that are subject to renewal. If a customer has selected our “auto-renew” feature or has not opted out of "auto-renew" for a domain name registration, we will attempt to automatically renew the domain name registration approximately five (5) to thirty (30) days prior to the domain name registration expiration date.

If a customer has not selected our “auto-renew” feature for a domain name registration, we send several communications to customers and/or the agents acting on their behalf to alert them that their domain name registration services will expire on a certain date.

 If a customer does not renew the domain name registration by the expiration date, the domain name registration is subject to deletion at any time after that. In an effort to help our customers avoid unintentional deletion of their domain name registration(s), we may, but are not obligated to, provide our customers with a “grace period” after their domain name registration services expiration date(s) (a “grace period” begins on the day after the date of expiration). We currently endeavor to provide a grace period that extends 35 days past the expiration date for gTLD domains (.com, net, org, info, biz, name) to allow the renewal of domain name registration services.During this period a customer can renew a domain name registration; however, a grace period is not guaranteed and can change or be eliminated at any time without notice. Consequently, every customer who desires to renew his or her domain name registration services should do so in advance of the expiration date to avoid any unintended domain name deletion.

If an expired domain name registration is not renewed during any grace period provided by us, pursuant to our Domain Registrant Agreement, rather than delete the domain name registration, we may, in our sole discretion, renew and transfer the domain name registration to DomainContext or to a third party on the customer’s behalf. This renewal and transfer process is called a “Direct Transfer.”  We will not attempt to complete a Direct Transfer of a domain name registration after expiration if the customer to whom the domain name is registered has notified us by email at support@domaincontext.com stating that he or she does not want us to proceed with such a transfer. In this case, the domain name registration will be deleted. A customer’s failure to notify us that they do not want us to complete a Direct Transfer constitutes that customer’s consent to the Direct Transfer. 

If an expired domain name registration is not renewed as outlined above, absent extenuating circumstances, we will delete the domain name registration. Registry Operators may provide registrars with the ability to “redeem” a deleted domain name registration for a customer, and we, in turn, may (but are not obligated to) provide customers with an ability to redeem a particular domain name registration. Such a Redemption Grace Period (RGP) is not guaranteed and customers should renew their domain name registration services in advance of the domain name registration expiration date(s) to avoid deletion of domain name registration services. Currently, some Registry Operators provide an RGP for 30 days from the date of deletion. If we decide to provide the redemption service to a customer, we charge a restoration fee (http://www.domaincontext.com/pricing) to redeem and renew a domain name registration during the RGP. If the domain name registration is not redeemed by the expiration of the RGP, it is then placed on “Pending Delete” status for five additional days, after which it is deleted and the domain name character string is then once again available for registration.

In the event that a domain name registration is the subject of a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) proceeding and expires or is deleted during the course of the dispute, the party that filed the UDRP proceeding has the option to renew or restore the domain name registration under the same commercial terms as the original customer. If the case ultimately is terminated or the arbitrator finds against the filing party, the name will be deleted within 45 days.